About Us

Atrasorb® has the highest standards of quality, safety, performance and technology to supply the world market in the treatment of breathable gases.



Atrasorb® came from a company specialized in the manufacture of inhalation anesthesia equipment that detected the great demand of the Brazilian market for high performance CO2 absorbers.

In 1989 Atrasorb® became the first national company in the segment and soon became a leader in its area of operation.


Enable breathing in closed systems by providing high quality products to optimize the atmosphere.


Consolidate market share in active markets and open a position in developed countries in the CO2 absorption segment, focused on the medicinal and military areas, with great relevance to the revenue generated in the foreign market.


Self-responsibility: You are your results;
Gratitude: Be grateful every day;
Respect: Mandatory in all relationships;
Commitment: What needs to be done will be done;
Antifragility: We evolve in difficulties;
Result and Meritocracy: Unshakable desire to win;
Teamwork: Together we are stronger;
Integrity: Whole and complete in all values.


Ensure the quality of our products, satisfying our clients requirements. Promoting personal qualification and processual improvement, producing with profitability and efficiency.


Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Trading of Carbon Dioxide Absorbents.


Pursuit of excellence:

The pursuit of continuous improvement is one of our pillars. The quality of our products and services is one of the priorities of our organization, we seek incessantly and with agility, new opportunities for action and innovative solutions in face of the problems and needs that arise, ensuring the execution of strategies aimed at growth and the quality of our customers. ATRASORB products.

Integrity and ethics:

This is our proposal as an organization. We communicate our policies and procedures in a clear and transparent manner, respecting all laws and moral principles. We act with integrity and ethics towards society, employees, suppliers, customers and the environment.

Economic, social and environmental responsibility:

We work to ensure that these dimensions are always in balance, in order to promote development and guarantee sustainability, aiming at synergy and synchrony between the company and the environment in which it operates.

Quality management:

ATRASORB is duly authorized to manufacture and sell health products in accordance with national and international legislation regarding products and quality management, as evidenced by the documentation issued by accredited bodies and the Ministry of Health - ISO 13485.

This organization is certified by the ABNT NBR ISO 9001 Series Standard, as well as all our products are registered with the Ministry of Health (ANVISA) and Product Certification in accordance with the relevant NBR's. Manufacturing Processes in accordance with RDC-16 ANVISA.

It is ATRASORB's commitment, determined by its Quality Policy, Customer Satisfaction and its safety, where one of the mechanisms to meet these objectives is the adaptation to the Normative Rules and Regulations of our products.