The closed breathing system for diving, known as Rebreather, is a weapon used for tactical dives.

The great advantage of Rebreather is the possibility of diving without releasing bubbles and prolonging the diving time, through the reuse of air in a closed system. For this it is necessary to remove the CO2 produced in the breath.

Thus, Atrasorb® developed a specific product for diving with Rebreather, the Atrasorb Dive®, which presents superior global absorption performance providing greater CO2 absorption and longer diving time.

In addition, varying the depth of the dive causes different pressures and temperatures. With that in mind, Atrasorb Dive® was developed for maximum performance in situations of low temperature, high pressure and different brands of Rebreather, allowing a safer and more comfortable dive, since we have three granulometry options: 2.5mm, 3 , 5mm and 4.5mm.