Atrasorb produces CO2 absorbents that are used in the medical field in procedures that require inhalation anesthesia. After years of research and rigorous lab tests, Atrasorb Pharma FIX was developed.

The highlight of this product is that Atrasorb Pharma FIX presents a permanent color change after its exhaustion, with only calcium hydroxide as an absorber, in addition to the presence of calcium chloride and calcium sulfate, which optimize the hydration of the product. Its use in procedures with halogenated anesthetics, like Sevoflurane, Desflurane, Halothane, Enflurane and Isoflurane is more recommended, because the absorption reaction is less exothermic, highly decreasing the formation of toxic substances like Compound A.

Atrasorb Pharma FIX presents negligible powder dispersion and its semi-spherical pellets, when compressed in the canister, do not undergo channel formation, thus allowing a homogeneous gas absorption.